Happy Memorial Day!

John 15:13

For greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

Wrote this right after the war started after thinking how drastically war changes people, war steals a mans innocence.

There he stood in the corner of the store

in front of the candy like 20 years before

he was our hometown hero just back from the war

now he standing in the corner, staring at the floor.

I asked him, what is wrong son, don’t be ashamed

you were defending our freedom in democracy’s name

as he picked up his head and through a hollow stare

he rambled off a story, called it freedom’s nightmare

He said freedom wasn’t there when we crossed the Delaware

and when the last GI’s in Vietnam left killing ground

they looked down from the chopper and freedom wasn’t found

No, freedom don’t embrace you on the battlefield

it’s not a suit of armor, it’s not a shield

When you wake yourself up on Memorial day

think about this soldier and what he had to say

for he wears his scars inside him

not with honor or pride

because for every wound he suffered

another man has died.

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