The race is on and once again our televisions will be inundated with adds telling us who the greatest candidate for president will be. Initially we will see the republicans bashing one another with various unflattering commercials, this will be followed be radio and television interviews on all of the major networks until finally we arrive at the debates where only the most likely candidates will be asked to contribute. There will be others on the stage but they are merely just props. Who do they think they are anyhow, trying to run with the big boys? After a few debates the props will begin to thin out a bit until we have our most likely challengers. Up until this point there has yet to be a great deal of money spent pulverizing their opponents. However, once the field begins to narrow and we have the likely three candidates that will vie for the republican nominee, we will then see millions if not billions of dollars spent on gross mischaracterizations, fabricated lies and other unethical things like a baton to the knee (hey, it almost worked for Tonya Harding). But wait its not over yet, we still have a presidential race to run, that’s right, this was just the qualifying round.

Now the Democrats (whom by the way selected their candidate long ago and were able to avoid the qualification rounds thereby allowing them to hoard their finances and continue building their war chest) will use every bit of ammunition that they garnered from the republican primaries on the one republican candidate that is finally agreed upon by the establishment. So that’s how it works? Yes, yes, yes it is, and it is a joke. Really, all the money in the world cant change the facts.  Sure you can buy off the media and have them spin whatever happens to be in the news that day in your favor. The problem is most folks live in the real world and not the Washington bubble, as a result they happen to know what the situation is on the ground, and its not what we’re being told. We are not morons, we know the economy is bad, keep telling us how the unemployment numbers continue to decline while you hide the fact that those numbers only reflect those who are still currently in the market for a job. Keep telling us how the stock market is at record highs while we watch our own accounts depreciate. keep telling us al-Qaeda is on the run, while we watch Ramadi fall to Isis.

We are all victims of classical conditioning, we have been conditioned by the media to accept and believe certain things, which is in part why our family has done away with cable television, and guess what our favorite show is? COPS; yea I love to watch cops because I love to see good overcome evil, because I love to watch the bad guys lose, because I love to see justice served. No longer will I be seduced into believing that my drunk, perverted, and twisted uncle Sam knows what’s best for my family. You know who knows what’s best for my family, I do. Unlike the government we are forced to live within our budget, to exercise constraint when we really, really, really want something but simply cannot afford it. We get up everyday and go to work, we teach our children right form wrong based on the gold standard of truth known as God’s Holy, inspired and inerrant word, we go to church as often as the doors are open, not out of duty or obligation but because we love to go to church. We tend to the needy, help the widow, and care for the fatherless. This is the American way.

It is time things changed, we have no need for multi-millionaire politicians who’s only real concerns are their power and their legacy. We need some red-blooded Americans who wear blue collars to stand up and demand that America be run by the people for the people. You want change? here it is:

  1. Immigration; send everyone of them home and charge it to their respective governments. If they don’t pay, give them sanctions as well.
  2. Isis; Kill them.
  3. Terrorists; Kill them.
  4. Crime; give police bigger guns and more pay, and judges that allow criminals to go free; charge them and send ’em to prison.
  5. Economy; Allow the free market to determine that and stop manipulating it with ridiculous regulations that only hinder progress and give our adversaries an advantage.
  6. Education; Eliminate common-core, give merit based raises, oh yeah, and how about teaching the fundamentals again like a-b-c’s and 1 2 3’s. Stop with the indoctrination of ideology crap. Give teachers the freedom to teach, a Taser for unruly students, and a gun for unwanted guests.
  7. Health Care; throw out Obama-care, allow capitalism to take its course and let the free market dictate the price.
  8. Homeland Security; see 1 and 2.
  9. National Defense; I think Reagan had an excellent idea; peace through strength.
  10. Iran; Blow up their nuclear sites…NOW! Would anybody really be upset, ok maybe Russia but perhaps the sight of black smoke rising and forming into a big mushroom cloud over Iran will be enough to cool their tempers.
  11. North Korea; Though a 14ft john boat full of rednecks with shotguns could likely handle that, I would defer again to point 10.
  12. Social Security; Easy…stop taking peoples money and let them invest how they choose. After all they did work for it.
  13. Taxes; Flat tax until retirement at which point you will be issued an identification card indicating that you are all paid up and no longer owe a thing…ever. Volunteering your wisdom from time to time would be much appreciated though.
  14. Minimum wage: whatever the employee is willing to work for and the employer is willing to pay.
  15. Homosexual marriage; yeah right.
  16. Abortion; refer to 15.
  17. Welfare; you don’t work don’t eat. I’m not advocating we don’t help those who need it, but if they refuse to work we cut them off. I assure you as was the case with the prodigal son; they will come to their senses, their stomach will make sure of that.
  18. Religious freedom; follow the constitution.
  19. Supreme Court; 1-term and that’s it…you’re done.
  20. Voting rights; If you don’t know the three branches of Government you’re not smart enough to vote…simple.

My name is Jared Denton and I approve this message.

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