I’m Confused, of course I find that lately I am confused often. One month we have a major news story covering the big reveal of Bruce Jenner’s transformation into a woman, and the next we have a major news story covering the transformation of a white woman to a black woman. However in Bruce Jenner’s case the media salivates, barely able to contain their giddiness at the thought of such courage and bravery. In Rachel Dolezal’s case she is clearly demented and delusional, perhaps she has a case of blackface. No longer is she a darling of the liberal left, she is now a sworn enemy for having exposed their own bigoted hypocrisy. What happened to the old philosophical adage that say’s “I think therefore I am”. In Mr. Jenner’s case it’s perfectly acceptable for him to think he is a woman and therefore make the necessary changes to become one, however in Mrs. Dolezal’s case, she is not allowed that same privilege.

The truth is Bruce Jenner is not a woman and Rachel Dolezal is not black, they may very well identify as either the former or the latter but simply identifying as such does not make it so. Why? Because they weren’t born that way, it’s not coded into their DNA. I can be born with no hair but over time when natural processes take place I will grow it, I can be born with no teeth but again over time when natural processes take place I will grow them, I can be born short and eventually grow to be tall. However I was born a white male and no matter how long I live the natural process will never turn me into a woman, and it will never change my color. Simply put I am what I am.

To put it another way I can never turn an airplane into a tank by using only the parts provided. Surely I can assemble something that looks vaguely similar to a tank, however cosmetically as well as functionally it will never be a tank. Now if allowed the liberty to use parts that were not provided by the airplane and given that I have the ability to enlist the help of the A-team and MacGyver surely I could accomplish the task. But again it would still be lacking in many areas, and functionally it just wouldn’t work. No, it would be much easier to just build one or the other from start to finish. The two vehicles serve completely different purposes and therefore require different parts. To mix these parts in any way or use all of one to make the other, I would construct something grotesquely different than what I am aiming for. Example: Bruce Jenner.

Rachel Dolezal’s case however is somewhat different as I can understand how someone might identify with another race or culture. We see this all the time in children that are bi-racial or being raised in a home or community that is predominantly of another race or culture. So why then does the media have a harder time accepting Mrs. Dolezal’s transformation than they do Mr. Jenner’s? It doesn’t fit their agenda and in the long run will cost them too much. For instance if society is forced to accept any white male or female that identifies as black than we can effectively wave goodbye to affirmative action and other benefits of that only pertain or are most often enjoyed by a particular race.

This confusion does bring up a very good point however. You see, the church has experienced quite the same identity crisis as the two individuals formerly mentioned. How so? Well, is it true that I can simply identify as a Christian through baptism, church membership, or association and therefore become one? Surely not. I Must be BORN AGAIN. So what has happened? Simple, we have exchanged the truth of God for a lie. If Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman and Rachel Dolezal wants to be black they must have been born that way. The problem is they cannot enter again into their mothers womb and thereby change neither their race or their gender. Since none of us are born as Christians Jesus says we must be BORN AGAIN, and that not of flesh but of spirit.

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