…We Dance

We are the dancing shadows of the father’s silhouette. As the shadow mimics the maker’s moves, so too, do we mimic the moves of that great and divine creator…the shadow maker. As he casts his glorious presence over our lives, engulfing us in a love like no other, we are compelled to follow. We study the moves as carefully as we can until finally they are a match, and simultaneously we dance…move for move.

Like David, we are overcome by this experience knowing full well the fathers love…and we dance.  No, there are no strings affixed to our hands and neither are we standing upon his feet, as children do their fathers. Instead, we, like our great savior have known the father and must be about his business. We see what the father is doing, and we do likewise, as we accept his invitation…we dance.

It is a carefully scripted repertoire that only the choreographer knows, he has taught us well, and we have learned well…so we dance. Hand in hand and step for step we see what the master is doing…and we follow, doing likewise. The cost is not so great as might have thought at first, should we make a mistake or fall out of step, He is patient enough to bring us along again. Surely there is the possibility of embarrassment, that possibility of course is only a thing if the audience is our focus.

Should we look instead into the eyes of our love…we are consumed, the audience no longer matters…and we dance. When the dance is done and we rest in his embrace, still focused on his amazing grace, we should know that the audience was not in that auditorium, but instead it was in sky…and they have now risen to their feet in a heavenly ovation as they rejoice over that one to whom the whole world was watching and waiting to mock.

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