I know…I know…I know, this is what we are really saying when we use this phrase in conversation. I presume at some point we have all been guilty of this. Perhaps we are seeking advice our council about a matter and know not the course we should take. As we seek out this council the giver of such advice feels compelled to rehash certain things about our past. Poor decisions we might have made, times or events that may have similar beginnings as our current predicament. If we are honest, we really don’t want the history lesson, what we really want is their approval.

It never fails that as we begin to hear the past brought up again, almost as a reflex we utter the words…YADA…YADA…YADA. YADA, by the way is the Hebrew word for know or to have knowledge of. So once again I will reiterate the translation…I know…I know…I know.

Now, let’s look at this word from another perspective. “Be still and YADA that I am the Lord.  Yes, be still and know that he is Lord. This verse may be the most quoted verse of the bible. There is comfort in it, there is assurance in it, there is confidence in it. But sadly, as events unfold in our lives we often treat God as we do any other councilor on earth. The moment He begins to remind us of who we are, of who he is, of the promises he has made and the ones he has kept (and he always keeps his promises), our response is…I know…I know…I know. As if to say, “I understand Lord, I know everything you’re telling me, but right now I need something else. Something new, something better. To simply say that my knowledge of you is enough is just not sufficient anymore,” and soon we hear the words as they roll off our tongues…YADA…YADA…YADA.

God is our refuge, and an ever-present help in times of trouble. Do we really yada this in our experience, or just know this in our intellect. The only way to yada that God is our refuge is to actually take our refuge in him. The only way to yada that God is our ever-present help in times of trouble, is to call on him in the midst of that trouble. As we take our refuge and call upon the lord in times of trouble, we are then instructed to “be still and yada that he is God.”

Anyone that calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved

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