Weapons of Mass Distraction

Weapons of mass distraction; a term I recently read in an article about apologetics. The Author was using the language to define a generation of people who are content to be, and consigned to the distractions of this life so as to remain ignorant of the truth that surrounds them…the truth being that of Gods existence and the manifest destiny of all mankind. The rich and the poor, the housed and the homeless, the pauper and the powerful, the heathen and the saint…we all shall come to the hour of deaths visitation.

But what should come after? Many will not incline their ears to the truth; truth is the twine that binds every man to eternity, and those who are in possession of such truth must own the outcome as well as the income. Do we share the truth and likewise are we guarding the truth…taking every thought captive unto the obedience of Christ, while protecting our minds from the doctrines of evil men; men who come as wolves in sheep’s clothing and oppose the work of God…which is the cross of Christ.

An elected ignorance of truth is no substitution for innocence. That defense may bode well for us at times, when our current judicial system chooses mercy instead of justice because the guilty knew not the laws they had broken. The problem here lies in the fact that our government is not an accurate reflection of God’s mercy or his justice. As in most cases the movie is never true to the book, so it is in our day that the movie being played out before us has fallen short of the book that it was meant to portray.

The book itself portrays a much different picture of God than that of the government that has done its best to replace him. Yes, God does grant us mercy, but it is never granted in the absence of justice. The two go hand in hand. We all stand guilty before God, because all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Thereby it was necessary then for Christ to have fulfilled all righteousness while offering up himself as a substitutionary atonement in our place.  God’s justice was met with his mercy; that all might have the privilege of a holy priesthood.

So then, what remains of man in a time when distractions have become inactions?  Look around a bit and witness the never ending distraction affixed to the palm of our hands.  Our fingers are more active than our feet! How can we go and do likewise if we never leave the comforts of our home? We are content to live in a manufactured world where everything is carefully scripted and manicured to our interests. Blocking that which we don’t want to see and ignoring the messages we would rather not hear.

Man having created the technology that accounts for our slavery must remember that Christ has not subjected us again to this yoke.  We are living, breathing creatures with a soul that has no end.  While conspiracy theorists run the red flag up the pole warning the citizenly of the coming zombie apocalypse, the rest of us are witnessing it as we watch the masses being consumed by mans glory rather than Gods.

The only question is: where that soul shall remain? The truth has knowledge of the answers we seek. Therefore if we shall incline our ears for answers, it would behoove us to first come into the knowledge of truth, and by it the truth shall set us free.  These weapons of mass distraction are slowly becoming the weapons of mass destruction. Destruction that will witness a generation of men, women, and children be damned to hell forever. Yes, our distraction has verily come to be….our inaction.

In a sense we are called to slavery…not to consumerism, but to Christ, and it is Christ whom will set us free, and it is us that shall be consumed.

The cursed blast of slavery has, like a pestilence, withered almost every moral bloom. I know not how any person can feel a union with such a monster, such a child of hell. I feel a burning hatred against it and look upon it as one of the most odious monsters that ever disgraced the earth. The iron hand of oppression daily endeavors to keep the slaves in the ignorance to which it has reduced them.

— William Knibb

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