Cupid is Stupid…

Stop whining, I know Cupid is a cute little fat guy shooting arrows at countless unsuspecting patrons of love. Unfortunately, Cupid is a first class fraud, lending credence to this idea that love is some unseen force that overtakes us with the impact of an invisible broad head to the heart (NOTE: A broad head to the heart will kill actually kill you).

Love is work and work is sometimes exciting, sometimes difficult, and sometimes dull. Which then stands to reason that if love is work than love is also all the aforementioned things as well. We simply need to stop teaching our children that Mr. or Mrs. right will someday swoop and suddenly fill the air with love.

Love is wonderful, but love is also hard, which is why we are commanded to love one another. If Love were easy it perhaps may come more naturally to us, instead we are instructed in this so called emotion (Love is really an action taken based on instruction given), should we base our actions on emotions there is the potential for grave consequences. For instance I have been a very un-loveable person from time to time, yet my wife still lavishes it upon me and we have learned to smile through it. We have learned to laugh in spite of our differences and even the pain we have inflicted upon one another from time to time.

You see my wife chooses to love me, and I likewise choose to love her back, not as a response to her love but out of obedience to the father. And that’s it…love is simply an act of obedience.

Scripture tells us that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Remember I said that love was sometimes difficult, well then remember too the actions of Christ as he prayed in that garden and sweat droplets of blood in the hours before his crucifixion, this was surely no easy task at all. It was hard…even for the Christ. Why then did Jesus go through with such a scandalous act?  The answer is found in John 5:

The Pharisees are once again trying all the harder to kill him, not only was he (Jesus) breaking the Sabbath but he was even calling God his own father and making himself equal with God.  Jesus responded with these words…Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.

It is true that God loves us, it is equally true that Jesus loves us with the same love because that which he sees the father doing he doeth likewise. Jesus hath seen the fathers love for us and so he too has poured out his love as demonstrated on the cross of Calvary. Should we learn anything from Christ, perhaps we should start with this idea: That which we see the father doing, we go and do likewise. Let us not wait for Cupid…Cupid is simply just stupid.

PS: Cupid is also just a marketing scheme to get you to spend more money on Valentines day. A word of advice to you and to myself: Stop spending your money on your family and start spending your time on them. The dividends are much much greater.

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