My Grandmother: The Saint…

Saints and Angels are of a different stock, scripture would tell us that Angels have longed to look into the matters regarding Gods saints. I have never known an Angel, but to be sure I have known many of the saints. Of the ones I have known there is but one that stands as a benchmark to the rest. One in whom the loftiest standards of holiness have been set and kept. One, whom has known the greatest of tribulations in her own life, yet used her life as a vessel of God’s grace and truth.

The memories I have of my Grandmother will never be recorded in our history books, the life she lived will not be studied by the minds of theologians, missionaries, or any other high minded Christians seeking to glean some new truth for their arsenal. In fact, history will in large part forget her. I will never see a movie about her, hear a song about her, or see her name in lights. But rest assured I will never forget her, and while her name and her life may be forgotten by man, I know that it is recorded in the only book of History that matters when your life here on this earth ends…the Lambs book of Life.

I don’t know much about the battles she fought, I only know they were numerous. She would engage the enemy daily for the sake of her family. A husband, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren would all be beneficiaries of the great victories she had wrought through prayer. She was a small and frail women; but a mighty wrestler she was…wrestling with God through the night on behalf of the wayward. I count myself among those as there was a time in my own life when I had chosen a path that was contrary to what she had taught. She never judged, never ridiculed, never complained…she prayed. That is how I will always remember my Grandmother. As I already said she was a small woman in stature, but without question she was and always will be the strongest woman I have ever known.

Though right now she is tired she is not yet asleep. Instead her flesh has waged its final attack against her spirit; the flesh loves the world and wants not to leave it. Jesus said a friend of the world is no friend of mine. Her spirit however longs for the great reception that awaits her as she slips off to sleep. We, who are left, are left with no other option than to lay siege against the enemy as we ourselves fall to our knees in prayer waging our own defense of the woman who had defended us all. God-speed Grandma as you enter your reward and receive the crown that you had so earnestly sought. A life spent with a heart that was rent, you have run the race and you have kept the faith.

I was told that one of the last things Grandpa said before he died was “remember your Faith, in the end it’s all that matters.” Well Grandma, in the end it is your faith that I will always remember, without it so many of us would never have found our own.

ich liebe dich oma

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