Today they will enter their mission field. It is journey fraught with difficulties and surely there will be many trials to be overcome as the year presses on. I have faith though, that what God has begun he will finish. For the bible declares it so…”He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion.” They are a faithful bunch, but like the rest, they too have their struggles. While they understand that salvation has been secured, they are not content with that alone…their desire is HOLINESS. Therefore I know that they will fight not only against the powers of darkness that roam the halls, but also against their own flesh as it makes every attempt to war against their souls.

They are not many, but like I said they are faithful to the one who multiplies. They are the youth at Lakeview Baptist Church. I pray for them as they return today to the land of exile…to a place that is not their home. I pray that God will give them eyes to see. Eyes to see the lost amongst them, eyes to see the pitfalls that Satan will lay before them, eyes to see the grace that God hath given to them. I pray that they will never fail to act on the things they see with the new eyes they have received. To flee to the lost as if they were fleeing for their own lives sake, to avoid the traps of Satan as he battles for their minds that he might control their hearts, to extend the grace that has been extended by the un-shortened arms and open hands of our Lord.

You will learn things this year that will contradict what you already know, your itching ears will invite the teachings of the lost…guard yourselves with truth, and ground yourselves in doctrine. Learn well from your heavenly teacher that you too may teach well for others sake. Submit to the authority placed over you in order that others will know you have first submitted to something greater. Let your conscience be your guide for as the scripture says…”He has placed the laws of God within our own hearts that our conscience will bare witness against us.”

Trust that the same spirit dwelling in you…empowering you…convicting you…and reassuring you, is the same spirit that descended from the heavens two thousand years ago…the same spirit that has filled the bodies of countless men when God breathed upon their souls. Remember, that building, otherwise known as a school, the place that will take up the bulk of your time for the next 10 months, is really nothing more than a mortuary for dead souls…it is your mission field. Look upon your peers with new eyes and trust that you will see them as they are. Give them eyes to see Oh Lord…give them eyes to see.






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