…With “LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all.”

It should come as no  surprise that in this election cycle the person who should be running away with the prize is now slipping into the vault of history, that place where all former contenders’ names are remembered only by those who have an interest in such affairs. Much like the losing team of Super Bowl XXVIII, or XXVIIII. This is an unthinkable tragedy for the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. In her mind if she does not win the Presidency then she will always play second fiddle to her husband. If indeed Donald Trump goes on to win in November it is very likely that if future generations remember her at all it will only be because she lost an election that was hers to win, and she lost to Donald Trump.

So where exactly did the train leave the tracks for the Democratic nominee? The answer is very simple and it can be summed up in two words: James Comey.  Yes, the FBI director that refused to indict on the basis that criminal intent could not be established. What was established was her incompetence, and that perhaps is an even more damning thing than criminal mischief. Then again there maybe something else at play here, something that has escaped even the most learned of talking heads…JUSTICE.

Having done some deeper study on the issue of justice and the desire for the human heart to not only get justice but also to give justice. Interestingly enough the Bible speaks a great deal about Justice and the desire for God to establish it. So the question is, does reality reflect the scriptures? Turns out it does and in a big way. Scientists have discovered through various tests that the sense or idea of Justice actually lights up the same part of our brains that hunger does. So could this be further proof that we are actually created in the image of God…to create us in a way that justice and food are of equal importance, at least according to our brains. Also, could this explain the downward spiral of Hillary Clinton?

Let’s hypothesize for a moment if we shall…What would have happened if Hillary Clinton would have been indicted? The case would have likely went to trial, a judge and jury provided evidence of either guilt of innocence, and finally a judgment. It is almost a certainty that if Hillary had taken this thing to trial, she would have walked away an innocent woman though a little less wealthy. However in the eyes of every reasonable voter in this country JUSTICE would have prevailed…the system worked. Although the outcome may not have been what we wanted we would have trusted that a jury of our peers had heard the evidence and found that there was nothing substantive to declare her guilty. This would have been a Grand Slam for the Clintons.

Fortunately this is not the case, she never went to trial, never stood before a judge, never addressed the jury…our people. As a result the people have judged anyway, because for us JUSTICE is that important. The judgment is…Guilty, and the guilty must pay.

Guilty of what though? Incompetence…Treason…Stupidity…Improper handling of classified information…or perhaps all of the above. You see in the eyes of the American Voter we are left only to theorize about her guilt. She would have been much better off having gone to trial and it is quite possible that James Comey knew exactly that. It is quite possible that this verdict was the nail in her coffin and the greatest gift Donald Trump has ever received.