Miscarriage of Justice!

I suppose there are some people that to this point have not heard that Lori and I are adopting another child from China, her name is Scout, and before you ask, the answer is yes, she does have a special need; Down Syndrome. When we started this process for the second time we had no clue how God was going to provide for this journey, and still don’t. Man plan’s his ways but God directs his steps. We do know that God has given instructions not just to us, but the church in general, to care for widow’s and orphans. Our family has accepted that call. Unfortunately we sometimes ( no matter how hard we try) cannot understand the mind of God, His ways are not our ways, and thankfully so.

Our journey has taken a turn lately, and now we stand at a crossroads, a fork in the road that I pray is leading us to this precious little girl. You see, Lori and I discovered only a couple weeks ago that she is pregnant. Having said that, this complicates matters with the adoption. There are rules governing these things in the world of Adoption. Not that they view natural childbirth as being a bad thing, but that they have to be totally focused on the welfare of the child being adopted. What this means for us is that I will have to show a substantial increase in my own salary in order to continue this process.  I have no doubt that God can and will provide for this, I have no idea how, but I am doing all I can, and that’s all that can be asked of anyone, right? However, this new information (as you can imagine) has caused a considerable amount of stress and anxiety.  To complicate matters further, we had a significant scare last night believing that Lori had miscarried. Thankfully, everything is fine, the doctor checked her out this morning and we still have a heartbeat and a baby. For a moment though our little world seemed as if it was falling apart. We have been through miscarriage before as many of you probably have as well. The Doctor’s say its very common. The problem with that statement is that it doesn’t numb the pain. I could never know what it feel’s like as a woman to lose a child this way. I do know however what it feels like as a father. I am supposed to protect my children, to defend my children, to love my children, and to train up my children according to God’s prescribed word. Miscarriage does not afford a man the opportunity to defend, it is a natural process that only God can control. To think that as a father I couldn’t defend those children we have lost is exceptionally painful.

I think about the number of children who are aborted every year, every month, every week, and every day, and I wonder why? Scripture tell us that children are a blessing, and blessed is the man who’s quiver is full. Yet, in our society children are a curse, a hindrance to that amazing life we have all dreamed of, but will end up leaving us empty at the end of the day. At the end of my day, I come home to a house full of children that cant wait to see me. They jump into my arms and tell me they love me. That will never leave a man empty, instead he will be filled, filled to the brim and running over. Why, does a miscarriage cause so much pain for one person, and then at the same time another person can callously end the life of a child on their terms and feel nothing.  I don’t understand it, and I guess I never will.  The truth is that most women who are having this procedure are on their own. The men (who are half responsible) abandoned their responsibility the second that blue line appeared in the pregnant window, as a result that child, that precious little child has no defender on earth. Thankfully, they have one in heaven; God, defender of the fatherless. In His hands justice will not be miscarried.

As a church how can we abhor a procedure like abortion, a procedure that has happened roughly 60,000,000 times since Roe vs. Wade was enacted. That’s right 60,000,000 babies thrown in the trash. While at the same time turning a blind eye to the world wide epidemic know as fatherlessness. We promote the right to life as it relates to abortion, while a the same time allowing almost two hundred million orphans to sit and rot in an orphanage. We are hypocrites, plain and simple. If there ever was a miscarriage of justice it’s not in the number of abortion procedures performed annually but in the numbers of orphans waiting on the church to bring them home. If you want to defend the right to life, stop lining up outside abortion clinics with your posters, and line up at the orphanage with your family.  I assure you the problem there is much greater, and we are called to do it.

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