If only my brain was some sort of electronic device capable of recording every thought in perfect illustrious detail and placing it in its proper context while utilizing perfect spelling and punctuation. That would be great, I could simply just hit save and print. I would call it Microsoft word brain. Even now as I write, auto-correct continues underlining the previous sentence and I for one see nothing wrong with it, I click ignore, and still it remains. Truthfully I have no earthly idea what I’m doing, but I have something to say and perhaps this is the only forum where others might listen.  Now it’s just a matter of transferring all that information from my brain to my fingertips. I have tried this before and it just never seemed to work out. In fact, my thoughts always sounded better in my head. It was only after putting pen to paper that it looked and smelled like stale cheese. Who am I kidding, right? Nobody uses a pen and paper anymore. Everything is electronic now, (which by the way has made us a very lazy society) except our brains, but I do hear they are working on that.

Sometimes I wish I could turn it off, but then in the midst of my tossing, my toiling, and my turning it hits me; the answer to that problem that’s been bending my mind for weeks and evading capture. Finally I rest; thankful I hadn’t turned off just yet. This is a constant process for me as I ponder incessantly on so many of life’s great mysteries: Theology, philosophy, love, life, joy, and sorrow just to name a few. 
In each of these categories there are an infinite number of possibilities to investigate.

Elohim; Creator God, in all his glorious splendor has created a world, a universe so complex that when we feel as if we’ve made our last great discovery, along comes something new. We will never discover all of what God has created; some things are to remain hidden until their appointed time. Never the less it shouldn’t keep us from trying. Of all the great discoveries in the physical and non-physical world today, we should note, that again they were only discoveries. God creates…man discovers. Take numerology for instance, something entirely existent in the non-physical world, and has always been there just waiting for man to discover it so that it may be put to practice and proved in the physical world, where observation is the key to understanding.

However I do understand that whatever I have to say must be relevant and practical, People in general have very little time, not because we are actively engaged industry, but instead we are consumed by technology; Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and the countless other apps that promise to give us some respite from the daily grind. Gone are the day’s men made tireless efforts to discover and uncover the hidden secrets of Elohim. Yet, despite all of this, God is still a consuming fire.  Think I’m wrong, put your phone down for moment, close that app, turn off the computer and television and walk with me.  Where? You ask. To a place called creation, it’s not far; in fact we can see it from your porch.  Now look, you see how blue that sky is? Have you ever asked yourself who colored it? You see then how the sky has no end and no beginning; a subtle reminder of God’s eternal nature. Or what about the birds nesting in your rafters, you see with what ease they fly,  Who taught them and how?  You see the mountains in the back drop, way off in the distance? Sure you do; what are they made of and how is it that the molten hot stew inside does not consume it”?

Standing in the shadow of creation we are reminded of how small and insignificant we are in comparison.  We are surrounded by it. Where can we go to hide from this ever present reality that God is a consuming fire? Should we run to the caves; we are in it. Should we seek shelter in the sea; still there, we are in it. Should we take to the sky, we are over it and under it. We are utterly consumed by God whether we like it or not.

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  1. Ѕimply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:
    , btw ցreat style and design. “Competition is a painful thing, but it produces great results.” by
    Jerry Flint.


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