Why vote Republican? Reason + able = Reasonable

It is high time that we (as a society) put reason back into reasonable. Reason, which is defined as “the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic” has been altogether removed from our society, and with it the ability to think for ourselves without fear of being stampeded by a culture that is content to let others think for them. The word itself is derived from the Latin word “Ratio” which contains a host of different applications. For instance, we might say that it is reasonable in times of famine or scarcity, to ration our food, fuel, and other essential resources. It would be unreasonable to do otherwise.

To marry reason with the word able, which is defined as “having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something,” is to say we have the power or skill to think with logic. This process then leads to understanding, which in turn leads us to make certain judgements. Judgements that are then used to form our decisions or thought processes. Logic is often (but not always) informed through experience. Meaning that if I touch a hot stove and get burned, I learn not to touch it again…lest I have the proper protection.

While experience is often logic’s greatest instructor, we must not disregard the influence of patterns. The human race, as advanced and accomplished as we are, have been and always will be utterlydependent on the ability to identify and distinguish between patterns. Whether they be patterns of thought, patterns of behavior, or patterns of nature. We arrive at these patterns by studying the data. If the data suggests that a certain level of destruction seems to always follow a specific type of behavior, then it stands to reason, we should avoid that behavior.

With that as a foundation, we can then look at our culture and society with clarity. Our society is being pushed in a direction that seems to defy the very laws of logic and reason. Yet, we are so detached form understanding and perhaps even fearful of questioning the merits of such foolishness that we simply hide away in our homes and hope that “this too shall pass.” I have news for you…It will not pass, lest it be challenged on the merits.

To defund the police is irrational and foolish, we all seem to understand that throughout history there has been some sort of authoritative measures of control. It is reasonable to conclude that evil exists because we can see it every day and at times even experience it. Therefore, we can all agree there must be some check on this evil. The historical data seems to suggest that without these controls, even a civilized society will spin dangerously out of control. When these controls do not exist, justice is denied, and when justice is denied, people will naturally seek to execute it on their own. This is called mob justice, and while our own experiences coupled with historical patterns demand that we not go there…we still hear the cries to defund.

Likewise, historical patterns again coupled with our own experiences indicate that men are not women and women are not men. Men cannot give birth, nor can they breast feed a child, similarly there are things that women are incapable of doing, that men are not. Who cares? Why is it so important to society that everyone be equal in every way? Again, experience and history don’t just suggest this idea is wrong, they are in fact immovable on the issue. We are not and never will be equal in ability…it is unreasonable to suggest otherwise.

Changing our pronouns in order to be more inclusive is once again, more of the same. It is an attempt to not only defy the patterns of the past but to ignore the experiences of the present and the past. We see the hypocrisy yet pretend it doesn’t exist. We hear Nancy Pelosi encouraging members of the house not to use gender specific pronouns, all the while being referred to as madam speaker. There is just simply no logic to it at all, which by default makes it unreasonable.

I could go on and on about all the ways our culture has rejected reason. Yet, there is no point in the pointless. It is an exercise in futility and last I checked; exercise only helps the one who is doing it. As for me and my house we will choose to vote for the candidate that most clearly walks the line of reason and logic. I would encourage all to do the same. That is unless we choose to continue living in a society at war with each other because we have allowed the unreasonable to rule over the reasonable.


I stand at a distance and watch as the flames consume the foliage that has been piled for weeks. The heat is intense, and the process seems to unfold at lightning speed. What once, was a constant presence (vibrant and alive) is suddenly nevermore. Although the process seemed quick, it was much more involved than it first appeared.

I watched, as the fire inhaled the surrounding oxygen and breathed out its wrath. The heat, which seemed to draw nearer than the flames, left the leaves recoiling in fear and reduced to a shadow of their former glory. At times, the intensity was so great that the leaves would turn black before spontaneously combusting into an orange ball of relief. Yes, it was quick, but it was still a process.

Life is much life that foliage in the flames. Our circumstances, seem to consume us leaving us to wonder how suddenly things have changed. Disaster, without fair notice, has swept in and taken over. Our lives can be turned upside down in a moment’s notice – the resulting shell shock is enough to do us in alone. Yet, we march on, hoping that as quickly as things have changed, perhaps they will just as quickly revert back, back to a time when we were comfortable and safe…they do not.

What happens then, when life is falling apart at the seams and the flames of our circumstance threaten to extinguish the very life we have come to loathe? For those on the outside, those who may be watching the fire burn…know the process. Know what to look for in those that are suffering in silence. Perhaps, they can be saved from what would appear to be the inevitable – their own destruction.

Sadly, I have known too many people in my lifetime that couldn’t overcome their circumstances. They, like the leaves were consumed. The pain they had come to know had finally exceeded their desire to live, and by their own hands they would bring what seemed like the only available relief…death. It was, in many cases, during these times that the destructive process was visible. Visible, in that they began to show a lack of concern for others; their own circle of friends grew increasingly smaller; the things that had previously captured their attention could no longer incite even a shred of interest.

These are just some of the symptoms in a process as complex as it is quick. I know, only because I have been there myself. When the consuming fire of circumstance flooded my heart with pain and made no offer of relief…I wanted it all to end, or I would end it all. This was my new reality; I was shell shocked and broken beyond repair.

Thankfully, I remembered the scriptures that dreadful night.

I remembered that Ecclesiastes says “there is
nothing new under the sun.” It was important for me to remember that others had gone through the same torment and had lived to tell their stories…I needed hope.

I remembered that we are instructed in Romans “to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” That if I was to get out of my funk, I needed to think differently about my problems. Instead of seeing them as problems, I had to look at them as solutions…Solutions to the suffering of others. If I could live through this, I thought, then someday I can show someone else the way.

Lastly and most importantly, I had to remember the fall. Yes, the fall of man, which invited sin and suffering into a once perfect order. The pain that was inflicted upon my family, was done so because the nature of Adam (which is the nature of sin) had manifested itself in someone I loved deeply. I needed to be reminded that sin is real and so is hell. That I have an obligation, seeing to it that everyone I know can be shown how to exchange that old nature for a new one…I needed a Gospel reminder.

Perhaps it is the case that someone reading this is in the fire and without some sort of relief are in danger of providing their own. If that be the case please take the time to reach out and ask for help, whether it’s myself or someone else…just please reach out. Your life matters more than you know.